A little motivation for you.

Hello there beautiful humans. I hope September is treating you well.

As for me, September is going so well, I am starting to think it is not part of 2020. I have been working a lot harder on my blog and I have some amazing things coming your way, so stay tuned !

This post is not a lengthy one and I just wanted to drop some motivation/inspiration as you head into the weekend and soon into another week.

Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I am a big believer in Mornings. So if my morning is ruined, there’s a good chance the rest of my day will also be ruined. Here is a couple of quotes that can boost your morning.

This one (below) definitely gets me through those cloudy mornings because of the sense of humor in it.

I hope the quotes inspire you just a tinny winny bit.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.



A simple pancake recipe with a story.

Hello friends! Welcome or welcome back to the Chronicles of a Quaranteen!

Well, for those who know me personally, I guess the title is a joke because I can’t cook.

I mean, I can cook basic things like spaghetti,eggs and rice.I am sure there’s more to the list but that’s all that I can think of now. (My very African mom is disappointed about this by the way)

With that said, I am not going to lie and say that I saw this recipe somewhere on my pinterest and neither did I see it on one of those cooking shows. Quick random question, why do people watch those shows? Do you enjoy watching them or do you just watch them out of boredom? I have spent majority of my childhood watching them but I don’t get the hype (people around me love cooking but I’m more into the eating part)

The only reason I am writing this is because I simply felt hungry and decided it was time I finally learnt how to cook my favorite breakfast. God bless whoever invented pancakes!

Without embarrassing myself further, here is a very simple recipe that I managed to mess up hence the lack of photos of the end result. The photo included here belongs to the original recipe which you can get here

A very simple recipe to make pancakes:

Preparation time : 5 minutes.

Cooking time : 10 minutes, I took 20 minutes.

Servings : 4 people (this is if you decide to eat one pancake per person)

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar, I used brown.
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Step 1: In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Make a well in the center, and pour in milk, egg and oil. Mix until smooth.
  • Step 2: Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot
According to the recipe, your pancake should look something like this.

I added honey on top of my pancake just so that I could feel like I was actually eating a pancake if that makes sense.

I hope you try out this recipe and it turns out better than mine did. I will be trying it again soon and this time, I will take photos no matter what the outcome is. The first attempt was tasty but the appearance wasn’t exactly appealing.

Question: What’s your favorite meal of the day ? Do you know how to cook?

Until next time, stay safe !



/The past two weeks/

1/9/2020 (while editing it before posting; added text)

Hey guys ! Happy September ! I really can’t believe it’s four months until this year is over. What a year!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will have noticed that for the past two weeks I have not posted anything. For the past two weeks, I was feeling a bit low so I took time out to work on a few personal things.

I wrote this post and drafted it during those two weeks.

24/8/2020 (when I actually wrote it)

Looking back at my eighteen years on earth, I can’t fully stand up and say I have done this and if I died today, I would be okay.

I know for most people this is a very negative perspective but for me its more realistic that it is negative. I understand that I probably have so much more time to achieve all my dreams and aspirations but I also understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

It’s very difficult for me to put my past weeks into words that can accurately describe them without making it seem like I need to see a therapist (because I don’t)

I am writing this in what would now be a lively swimming pool full of kids thinking about what my purpose in life is. I am thinking of how and why so many people never really get to find out of their purpose. I am also thinking if I will be one of those people.

I am thinking this ‘heavy’ things when I am interrupted by one of the numerous Maasai askaris in our small community. “Weeee msichanaa, hujasoma hapa,hakuna kingia kwa swimming pool mpaka hii ugonjwa iishe” (Youuu girl, have you not read this notice, no entering the swimming pool until this disease goes away)

The disease he is referring to is corona virus.

I wanted to argue and tell him that I was not intending to swimming but I remembered that statement could make him assume that I was disrespecting him. This would ultimately result in a more serious case which would have otherwise been avoided if I had just politely said okay and walked home.

I walked to him and politely apologised. He didn’t seem convinced nor pleased. I realised this and explained to him that I was taking a walk round the estate and I decided to relax in the pool area. He seemed pleased after this and even engaged me in a short conversation.

After the conversation, I walked home opting for the longer route.

My thoughts were still on what my purpose in the world is when I almost fell down but luckily, my notebook took the fall on my behalf. The notebook is full of rants,emotions and most importantly ideas. When it fell down, it opened and a page where I had written in capital letters a quote by Charlie Chaplin. There isn’t a way of putting this into words without being cringe or cliche so I might as well say it. The quote made me feel a lot more present and relieved my thoughts by a great deal.

The quote was :

We think too much and feel to little.

Charlie Chaplin

Believe it or not, this quote was enough to make me get a 180 degree shift on that particular day. For the first time in a long time, I felt as though the universe was telling me something. I mean, what were the odds that I would be deeply lost in my thoughts and then my journal would fall down and that particular page would open ?

I might be exaggerating but I think that was a sign.

Later on during that day, I acknowledged that just because I had not quite figured out my purpose didn’t mean that I wouldn’t figure it out. More importantly though, was that it finally dawned on me that every single day I had lived up until then had it’s own special purpose and whether I had realized it or not, each one was bringing me closer to my bigger purpose. The best that I could do was make each day as memorable as I could.

Fast forwad to editing this post again; added text (1/9/2020)

To help me get out of this slump and negative perspective, I have started reading a lot about self improvement, mental health and topics related. Youtubers such as Nathaniel Drew and Orion Carloto have very interesting perspectives on self improvement and various topics that I find interesting. To get an even deeper perspective and understanding on both topics, talks and seminars by Tony Robbins are very informing.

To sum this post up, I would like to leave you with yet another quote by an anonymous person or maybe I should just claim it seems nobody has laid claim on it.

“In order to find balance in life, you must first have imbalance”Anon

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading and until next time, stay safe!



Taking care of yourself

Reading time : 5 minutes

Up until recently, I never really understood what self care and self love were. I knew for a fact that it meant taking care of yourself and read an article or two about it, but I never did anything beyond that.

So last week, I made Mondays my official, take care of yourself day. This doesn’t mean I’ll neglect myself on other days. It means Mondays are when I will practice various self care activities that I enjoy therefore setting the mood for the entire week.

Unlike Mathematics and History, self care and self love are not things you are taught in school. Neither is it something you learn in a day and forget about.

According to the dictionary, self care is any activity that we deliberately do in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. On the other hand, self love means having a high regard for your own well being and happiness.

From the definitions above, I can conclude that I have never practiced self care consciously. This is the opposite about self love because I often find myself not settling for anything other than what I know I deserve.

The same applies to most people I know where they either practice one of the two or even worse, none of the two. There are so many reasons as to why both self care and self love are important. They include :

  • Self love encourages you to have a good relationship with yourself.
  • Self care enables you to maintain a healthy balance between various aspects of your life (professional, personal etc)
  • Both encourage you to be a better version of yourself.

Contrary to what most people think, self care is not time consuming. Practicing self care can take 10 minutes or an entire day depending on what activity you want to do and how much time you have. Such activities include:

  • Taking a walk/Going for a run
  • Meditating
  • Starting a journal/ Starting a scrapbook
  • Learning a dance move you’ve always wanted to learn.
  • Writing a letter to someone/your future/past self
  • Calling a family member/friend
  • Listening to music.
  • Taking yourself for a date ! (this one is very underrated)

(and many more !)

Self love on the other hand is less about activities and more of your inner self. Self love, I believe,helps you boost your self esteem and ultimately enables you to know your worth. Working on self love can include:

  • Making yourself priority number 1.
  • Practicing gratitude (you can list 3 things you are grateful for everyday)
  • Do things for you and not for the sake of pleasing other people.
  • Not overthinking a situation.
  • Laugh laugh laugh laugh

This past Monday I had a wonderful afternoon because I decided to take time out and look after myself. It was my first Self care Monday. I enjoy writing so I wrote a letter to a friend I haven’t talked to in a while and decorated it. I plan on sending it later this week.

At about 4 pm, I went for a walk with my younger brother. It wasn’t a long walk but it was enough to tire him out and as soon as we reached home, he fell asleep. This made me very happy because I could finally enjoy the afternoon sun without worrying about him breaking something.

I made some fruits for myself and enjoyed them while reading a new novel I got from a friend.

My self care Monday ended with me taking a 20 minute nap before settling down for the evening (weird, right?) Napping before sleeping.

I am still getting a hang of this entire self care thing and I’m sure with time I can include other activities.

Loving yourself can take many forms and that’s the beauty of both self love and self care. What will work for someone else may not work for you and the opposite is also true. Look at things you love to do, things that make you come alive, that’s one way to start practicing self care.

Lastly, putting yourself first is not being selfish because you can not give people that which you don’t have. Prioritizing yourself is important not only because it enables you to become a better person but also makes you treat others how you’d like to be treated.

me absorbing some vitamin D

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is a reminder for you to start taking care of yourself. Until next time, stay safe!


Dear John Green (Book Review)

Reading time : 3 minutes

Hello ! How are you ? No, really how are you doing ? Good? That’s great to hear. Bad? Try putting on a fake smile for a minute. Does it work? I sure hope it does because I’ve been wondering if it works.

Before I get into this post, I’d like to say that this is probably going to be more of a letter and less of a Book Review, so yes, this title was kind of clickbait. But hey! Hear me out because I am about to drop an arguably very very unpopular opinion about John Green and his books.

excuse my very amateur photography but it’s definitely my phone not me 😂

If you’re not familiar with John Green, I think you’re familiar with one of his books, The Fault in Our Stars, if not, maybe you’ve watched the movie of that particular book and if not, maybe you’re familiar with either the movie or the book Paper Towns if not, I really don’t know how to help you but I’m sure Google can.

This post is generally not about one specific book. It’s about 3 of his books that I have read and it’s just my opinion.

The three books that I have read are, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars and I kid you not that I cried in all three of them. I am a very emotional person so this is not a surprise.

I LOVE John Green’s way of writing. I love how you can easily understand his humor which by the way is so hard to put in while you’re writing. There are so many bits and pieces about his way of writing that I could describe here but I’ll leave that to Google once again.

I can continue praising John Green but I’m sure the many awards he has is nothing compared to what I will put on here so I’ll stop at that. What I really want to address is how John Green is addicted to sad endings. Don’t get me wrong, I love his stories, I love how he plots them and I know for a fact that he is exceptionally talented however I am tired of crying at the end of each of his movies and most especially books. More-so,I love the emotions I get when I am experiencing his arts but I think I have cried enough. So, this is me asking John Green to finally give us a happy ending. Just one happy ending, that’s all I want. Please?

To make it make sense, this man creates characters who fall in love and develops such a strong relationships between not only them but also their family members and then he decides that it wouldn’t be such a bad to kill one of them(Shout out to The Fault in our Stars)

this book has been through a lot as you can clearly see😂

While editing this post, it subconsciously occurred to me that I was telling a best selling author how he should write his next book. I sat for three days thinking on whether or not I should post it but I did. It takes courage and I one hundred percent wouldn’t recommend especially if you don’t have a best selling novel yourself.

With all that said, I hope John Green reads this and I’ll just drop my email down below in case he feels like thanking me for the obvious idea (which I hope he does)

For serious business inquires and John Green‘s thank you note: nataliebullutlovescows@gmail.com

(I should probably create another email but it’s never that serious and I actually love cows)

Thank you for reading this post/rant and hopefully I’ll see you in the next blog post. Stay safe !


Phony Emotions?

Reading time : 3 minutes

Hello and welcome or welcome back to the chronicles of a quaranteen ! I hope you are taking care of yourself as you should.

So, a few days ago, I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. This is very rare because sleep is such a form of therapy for me. If I am tired, I sleep, if I am not tired, I also sleep and if you haven’t guessed it already, I can definitely sleep anywhere. Some people call this laziness but I call it talent.

Anyway, I went to make myself coffee which wasn’t such a bad idea because I was cold. While making coffee, I went on youtube to look for those meditation videos where they hypnotize you to sleep or something of the sort. I’m not even sure, all I wanted to do was sleep because what else would I be doing at 12 am? (This is rhetorical, I am not looking for ideas to make me sleep later than this 😂)

Instead of looking for those type of videos, I decided to listen to an old song that had suddenly popped up on my recommendations. The song was Older by Sasha Sloan(I’ll link the song below) .Immediately I clicked that song, I knew that, that was going to be one of the longest nights of my entire quarantine.

Sasha’s voice brought so much nostalgia and all I did throughout the song was just sit on the kitchen floor with my cup of coffee, taking sip after sip.

I felt like I as watching a trailer of my life but I knew how the whole movie had unfolded up until then so I guess you could call it a flashback.

I remembered being 13 and wanting to be 18 so bad because I knew being 18, meant freedom. I knew being 18 meant having everything figured out and I definitely knew at 18, I would be a millionaire. I am not sure how I thought I would be a millionaire without a job and without investments and without all of those things that people use to get rich but I just kept on saying “I will be a Millionare”

I remembered being 16 and having so many fantasies about boys and wanting to be loved by the opposite gender. I remembered celebrating my 16th birthday in Angeline’s bed and eating ice cream that had already melted.

I remembered turning 18 recently in the most unexpected and unimaginable way; at home.

I remembered so many childhood memories that I had tried to erase but whose bits and pieces still lingered in my head.

The song took me on a ride and when it ended, I got up like nothing had happened and I washed my cup. I felt the cold water running through my already cold hands which finally brought me back into some form of reality.

I don’t know why but I felt so much better after listening to that song. Something about that song made me feel grateful and angry at the same time. I guess music really is a form of therapy on its own, well, apart from sleep obviously.

Oh by the way, if you’re wondering if I slept afterwards, I did. In fact, I slept 8 hours!

I can’t wait for the next nostalgic ride(with another old song) and I highly recommend following this blog if you can’t either *wink wink*

That’s all I had planned for today. Thank you for reading and stay safe, until next time!



Below is Sasha Sloan’s song, Older. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do every once in a while.

Changing my mornings.

Reading time: Approximately 5 minutes.

Hello and welcome back to the crazy chronicles of a quaranteen. I am so happy you’re back! Here’s a teddy bear to represent me giving you a big hug😉

Up to a few days ago, to be more specific (July 16th) I really didn’t have a laid out daily routine. My only clear and compulsory routine were the online classes I had from 9am to 3pm with a one hour break from 1pm to 2pm and other shorter breaks in between lessons. Other than that, my days were messed up. I’d spend hours on social media scrolling and scrolling till I felt my thumb going numb. By then, it would be night so I’d eat, talk to my family for a bit and sleep. I’d sleep at around 11 pm and wake up at around 5 am and literally watch youtube till I felt I’d had enough which was usually 5 minutes to the lesson. Yep, I’d stay awake from 5am to 9am watching youtube.

This was by far very unhealthy and at the end of the day, I’d feel not only tired but so mad at myself for being so unproductive. I did this for about two months until it finally dawned on me that I’d probably never have so much free time on my hands. The wake up call ironically came from youtube. The same place I’d spend hours on end watching I don’t even remember what. I am a living example that youtube addiction is a real thing.

Making changes

Before making any changes, I first had to acknowledge I had wasted 2 and half months of my life. This was hard. I could accept anything but that. At school and even at home I am known as the productive one, the one whose always got things going on. So accepting that I had wasted all those months doing absolutely nothing was a bitter pill to swallow. It still is.

The process of changing.

To make a healthy routine that would be easily adaptable with the online classes, I had to really work on a fixed sleeping pattern. I decided to sleep by 11pm and wake up at 6am/7am everyday except the weekends.The weekends are honestly a whole other story.

Second, I had to establish what I’d do from the moment I’d get up until the beginning of my lessons. That’s from 6am to 9am.

PLEASE NOTE: You can’t switch up your current routine by just setting an alarm. In my opinion, you need to actually have a reason as to why you want to get up and what will happen if you don’t. A practical example is: ” if don’t get up at 6am, I won’t have time to exercise later in the day therefore I won’t accomplished my fitness goals”.Another practical example is : “if I don’t get up to study,I probably won’t have any other time in the day to fully study my notes therefore my grades probably won’t change. “

Here’s what my new morning routine looks like:

6am – Wake up, drink a glass of water.

6:05-6:30am – Exercise( let me know if I should share what exercises I do)

6:30-7am-Shower, actual dressing for class,brush my teeth.

7:00-7:45am- Breakfast,pray,meditate,journal,my second glass of water

7:45-8:00am -brush my teeth again.

8:00-8:45am- Personal study

8:45-9:00am -Prepare all material required for my classes for that day.

If I’m being honest, this was by far very hard to follow. I decided to try it while we were on break from the online lessons to be sure it wouldn’t backfire on me and guess what? I failed miserably on the first two days(17th and 18th of July). In fact, I didn’t even hear the alarms I had set, so I ended up waking up 5 minutes before when my lessons would actually be starting.

The progress.

On 20th of July(today) the alarm went off at 5:58 am and I counted one till five then immediately got out of bed. This was a helpful tip I picked up from youtube yet again.

I followed the above morning routine to the latter and I have to admit I feel so much better already even though I have only done it for a day😂

Moving forward.

I plan on following this morning routine for the entire of July and finally evaluate if it has had a noticeable change in me (It obviously will but I just felt smarter saying that)

I also plan on reorganizing my afternoon and evening routines but again, that’s a whole post on it’s own.

That’s all I had planned for today so until next time, stay safe!




Reading time : 3 minute


Photo from unsplash.com

Hello there ! I hope you are doing well during this uncertain times.

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote on this blog and honestly I would like to give lots of reasons why. But when I look at it critically, all those reasons can be summed up by one word, SCHOOL.

wait,I didn’t say it well, SCHOOOOOOOL!😫

The education system I am enrolled in is very demanding. I know myself and I was definitely not going to balance my education and my hobbies. One would inevitably go downhill and I am embarrassed to admit that it would be my education. So sadly, I had to drop this blog and pretty much most of the things that weren’t education related. This was in 2018.

Fast forward to 2020, the whole world is in a pandemic (Hope you are staying safe!) Most people are quarantined and most countries, if not all, have enforced strict measures to help cope with the pandemic. Three months into quarantine, I decided, I basically couldn’t keep my head buried in books if I was going to repeat my final year anyway. Click hear to emotionally support the class of 2020.

I made a decision to do something else that made me both happy and productive. I tried doing many things that didn’t involve the use of a lot of technology but all those things always led me back to blogging.

So in late June after a lot of debating and failed attempts at being both happy and productive, I had a bright bulb moment.

With some help, the idea of Chronicles of a quaranteen was birthed. Why do I sound so much smarter when I say birthed?😂

Wait, maybe I actually am. Hmmmm.


Chronicles of a quaranteen as I have imagined, is a small space in the internet where I hope to write about how an 18 year old’s nightmare came to pass. Well, for this 18 year old girl. Not being allowed to go out WHENEVER she wants to,with WHOEVER she wants to and most certainly WHEREVER she wants to. This wasn’t supposed to be as aggressive as it sounds. Trust me😂

In all seriousness though, through Chronicles of a quaranteen, I hope to write about how quarantine has affected not only me but also those around me, as well as write on how I am staying sane during this period in time and maybe even give tips on how you can too.

To sum up this post, I would like to make this blog more than a personal blog where I not only share my experiences but also create a place of both comfort and growth not only for me but also for you, the reader. All in the hope that I don’t bore you * fingers crossed*

If you’ve made it this far in the post, thank you very much and I look forward to starting this amazing part of my quarantine with you.




The above title means, thank you, next in Italian.

Basically, thank you 2018,  next (2019)

bang blast celebration color
Photo by Martin Petras on Pexels.com

2019 waves are kicking it everywhere. And, myself, like most people are being carried away by the famous phrase, “New Year,New Me.”


Ultimately relapsing on the second week of January and dropping the famous mantra. Probably because your opening grades in school are pathetic or the vegetarian diet you opted for is too expensive and alternatively, for all those paying taxes (It’s actually an inside joke but if you don’t get it, it’s fine) the new hairstyle you welcomed 2019 with is not quite working out at your work place.

“BUT HEY! C’MON, ATLEAST I MADE  TO WEEK TWO, RIGHT? I ROUGHLY HAVE 50 MORE WEEKS TILL 2019″ You told yourself. Trust me when I say that was the devil , and just like that your year went down the drain and now your here reading this because you probably don’t want to disappoint me when I ask you what you thought about my last blog OR you saw me advertising it on my social media accounts and thought ”let me give this amateur a go” . Don’t get me wrong, I’m really thankful to whoever is reading what a 16 year old scribbles on her journal when she can’t sleep at 1 in the morning.

thank you text on black and brown board
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Hopefully, I should offer you something different from what you read from a similar blog at this time of the year, last year (if you did). That would be my utmost desire and deepest happiness. ( I highly doubt it because even newspapers repeat content but let’s see how it goes)

For starters, 2018 was a rocky year. For most people at least. Well, we were all focused on the troubles of last year, or rather this year since we have a day left, that we forgot what a miracle and blessing it is to simply breath and be alive. Let’s go back to the new year’s eve of 2017,somebody out there was waiting to celebrate that new year as much as you were. Sadly for them, it was never to be, the life support machine failed them an hour to New Year’s. So maybe on top of your list of resolutions should be : be happy that your alive everyday! and most importantly just thank God.

sky sunset person silhouette
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Secondly, the world isn’t about clout, fame and social media. Nowadays as long as you have a few bucks, you post it up on social media which pretty much shows us you have it all. But what happens when it’s all gone? You need to get up from that phone or whatever gadget your on and simply breath. (NICOLE FEEL VERY TAGGED)You need to enjoy the simple pleasure of talking to someone for hours and catching up on what good inventions have been made since sliced bread (trying to indulge my folks with their type of jokes so spare me once in a while). What I’m saying is that you should focus on improving yourself without shouting it on social media, let your actions do the talking not your mouth.

access blur close up colorful
Photo by O M K A R on Pexels.com

Thirdly, don’t procrastinate his year. I’ve probably been doing this before I actually knew the meaning of this word. From homework assignments(which I still haven’t finished) to booking salon dates and doing laundry. The list is almost endless. Do what you have to do now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. This simple habit can save you minutes and even hours, because once you fail doing somethung, it keeps piling up and more of your time is needed to finish the task you would have taken seconds to finish. One of my favorite quotes borrows heavily from a Ted talk done by Tim Urban, titled, “INSIDE THE MIND OF A PROCASTINATOR” It goes something like “Don’t put off what can be done today, for tomorrow.”

white analog clock
Photo by Ilya Bessonov on Pexels.com

On my fourth point, you guys need to honestly read newspapers in 2019. I don’t really believe in news. Kindly do not hit me back with news and newspapers are the same because I will slam you down on that. When you read a story in the papers and see how it’s reported and the news at 7pm that parents are always forcing their kids to watch,  you’ll feel a distinction. Parents do this in the name of “The world might be dying outside and we don’t know” ( a very common phrase on the lips of Kenyan parents , ps: directly translated from Kiswahili) So yes, I am urging everyone to read a newspaper everyday of 2019. You don’t have to read it on the specific day of manufacture because it may not be available to you.  I am also very serious on this matter.

administration articles bank black and white
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Lastly, take care of yourself. If you don’t, chances are, you won’t be happy with how people will take care of you. If you are depressed and going through bad times, seek help. There’s always someone willing to lend a brother a hand. Award yourself when you’ve done the simplest of chores/duties to help you stay motivated. Learn to love yourself because nobody can do you better than you do! Make yourself happy and cut off toxic things or people in your life. Most importantly don’t compare yourself to others it’s  a thief of joy as my old president Rossy from America put it. And for  my mom’s sake, drink water this year, it’s healthy and  it helps your body a lot.

(or so she says)

backlit clouds dawn dusk
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

With that,

(Hopefully you haven’t been bored, you really must know that I tried inserting all the jokes I could but sadly they either seemed to make no sense or I just didn’t know what I was writing)




First blog post

Realising more and more with each passing day that deep contentment and true happiness stems from the relationships we mature up with and the quality of people we have in our lives
Think of it,true happiness is career growth & individual fulfillment. This can hapened in class or probably by meeting your favourite celebrity but it’s barely enduring and barely lasts long enough. On the other hand,many of our lasting memories and happiest moments involve people around us. Incredibly, and also very true is that though unaware of it, those around us impact us heavily.
Therefore it is wise and with no doubt okay to be extremely picky in selecting your inner circle. You can’t trust everyone and not everyone can trust you.